[Ifeffit] conversion to Artemis k^0*chi(k) form

Anatoly Frenkel frenkel at bnl.gov
Fri Nov 9 13:54:57 CST 2007

IFEFFIT users have their chi(k) data already interpolated to 0.05A^-1
grid at the stage when the E-space data (x*mu or mu) are saved in
k-space as chi(k). 


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Re the recent discussion of importing data into Artemis:  I've just
posted to my beamline website
http://xraysweb.lbl.gov/uxas/Beamline/Software/Software.htm a progran
takes a 2-column k vs. k^n*chi(k) file, divides by k^n and interpolates
to a uniform grid to make it suitable for Artemis or
Sixpack.  This will work on earlier versions
of Artemis which expect k to be tabulated starting at k=0 and going up
in 0.05A^-1 steps.  Look for the link to EXAFS to
Artemis.zip, download that and also
lvanlys.dll and the LabVIEW run-time engine, if you don't have these

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