[Ifeffit] Linear combination fitting

Jens Kruse jens.kruse at uni-rostock.de
Tue Nov 6 10:33:16 CST 2007


I have a general basic question about linear combination fitting (LCF) 
with Athena.
I have XANES spectra from two different mixtures. Both were mixed from 
two reference compounds in a 1:3 ratio. In one mixture the ratio is 
based on the weight of both reference compounds and in the other the 
ratio is based on the concentration of the element of interest (the 
concentrations in the reference compounds are not equal).
If I am doing LCF on these spectra, which spectra would yield to  the 
expected weighting parameters 0.25 and 0.75? What actually represent a 
normalized spectrum?  Is a normalized spectrum a spectrum what one atom 
of interest would produce ?

thanks a lot,


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