[Ifeffit] Build lower doping concentration structure in TKAtoms program.

沛昌 蔡 pctsai2006 at yahoo.com.tw
Tue Nov 6 00:52:50 CST 2007

Dear Prof:
    We have some questions about build lower doping concentration structure in TKAtoms program, as following;
    Q1: The TKATOM program can build up doping structure for 
         lower doping concentration (below 10%) or not? 
  Q2: If it can work, how should we build up the doping site? 
  Q3: For lower doping case, how do these doped atoms choose where 
         to go in TKATOM program, is it have physical description? 
  ps: The attach ppt. file show more detail about our questions.
  Thanks for helping!
  Pei-chang Tsai

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