[Ifeffit] Using windows apj files on linux

joshua jason kas hebhop at u.washington.edu
Tue May 29 12:13:06 CDT 2007

I recently updated to redhat 4. I am running:
 	artemis 0.8.009
 	IFEFFIT 1.2.9
 	perl 5.8.5

I have an artemis project file that I 
started on my win xp machine and would like to use on the linux machine. 
When I open the apj file on linux, some of the information about the fits 
seems to be scrambled. Here are some of the symptoms.

 	1) The raw logs seem to have aquired the following
            escape character at the end of each line: \x{d}
 	   This shows up as a carriage return or end of line on this screen.

 	2) Quick summary of selected fits gives 0 for all reported values
 	   (chisq, rfactor, nidp, etc) and does not report any guessed

Here is one of the quick summaries. Note that the \x{d} do not show up 
here, but they do in the artemis message palette. I am also attatching the 
project file.
Thanks for any help,
Josh Kas

Project title   : Fitting pt1_amine_165_he_573.chi

Comment         : fer dw, constant delr, ei=0, kw=1, kmin=2.0, rmin=1.2

Figure of merit : 17

Fitting statistics
   Number of independent points : 0
   Number of variables          : 0
   Chi-square                   : 0
   Reduced chi-square           : 0
   R-factor                     : 0
   Measurement uncertainty (k)  : 0
   Measurement uncertainty (R)  : 0

Guess parameters


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