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Richard Mayes mayes at ion.chem.utk.edu
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An "amp" of 0.3 is low.  Check out <http://xafs.org/Tutorials> and
for .pdf files that will explain the use of GDS parameters.  These
tutorials are an excellent way to get started.


> I analyzed EXAFS spectra of trace of Fe in lithium tantalate crystals. At
> first, I created the feff.inp file of LiTaO3. Then I changed central Li
> atom
> to Fe atom and added Fe atom at the Ta site. So that, the fitted results
> is
> good except amp(amp results is 0.3). I think that the model structure is
> good, but I can not understand why amp is too low. How do you think about
> this results? And, I tried to fitting treatment using GDS parameters. But,
> I
> do not know that the general method how to use the GDS parameters. Please
> tell me the general way of GDS manipulation. My PC runs under Win XP, and
> My
> Artemis runs under feff8 conditions. Thank you.
> Joji Kuniya
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