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paul fons paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Sat May 26 04:48:08 CDT 2007

On the Mac a command line way to remove line endings would be  
something like

tr '\r' '\n'

this command "translates" all carriage returns into new lines.  You  
can then use it in a shell loop

for file in *dat;
cat $file | tr '\r' '\n' > $file.out

On May 25, 2007, at 3:35 AM, Scott Calvin wrote:

> Hi Bruce,
> Thnks--your response helped me track down the nature of the problem.
> It turns out that if I "wash" the files.dat and paths.dat files by
> opening them on a pc and then saving them again, Artemis then does a
> little better, allowing me to read in path files that have themselves
> been washed. I suspect if I washed every text file in the directory,
> it might work smoothly (maybe I'll try running a calculation with
> only a handful of paths and doing that). The interesting thing to me
> is that the behavior is indeed platform-independent...Artemis on the
> Mac apparently needs the Feff files to have the pc end-of-line  
> termination. :)
> Does anyone out there have a simple way to btach convert a whole
> bunch of files from Mac CR line breaks to pc CR/LF line breaks? I'm
> not part of the linux or unix worlds, but can use either Windows XP
> or OS X methods.
> --Scott Calvin
> Sarah Lawrence College
> At 02:11 PM 5/24/2007, Bruce Ravel wrote:
>> I see the same problem using the two files you sent.  My best guess
>> for the source of the problem is that Artemis is not finding the
>> "files.dat" and "paths.data" (or possibly "path00.dat") files in the
>> same place as the "feff.inp" and "feffNNNN.dat" files.  Artemis needs
>> those files to build the interpretation page and does not handle  
>> their
>> absence gracefully.
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