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Scott Calvin SCalvin at slc.edu
Wed May 23 18:21:01 CDT 2007

Just an amusing aside on this:

Joe Woicik gave a talk at the NSLS Users' Meeting, full of plots from 
Artemis and Athena. Every time he was identifying the traces on a 
given slide, he'd say something like: "...and Bruce Ravel decided 
that the germanium should be given in green..." I don't think I've 
ever heard someone cited so much in one 20 minute talk before. :)

--Scott Calvin
Sarah Lawrence College

At 12:19 PM 5/23/2007, you wrote:
>On Wednesday 23 May 2007, Matt Newville wrote:
> > Personally, I can seee the appeal of having this (and line colors and
> > styles, perhaps) being available from a GUI panel.    But I can also
> > see that it's not the highest priority.
>I concur that more control would be useful, but this is actually a
>very infrequent comment.  I have never added more control over the
>appearance of the plots because I rarely receive suggestions or
>complaints along that line.  Thus, I presume that people are basically
>satisfied with how visualization works in A&A.
>As I said earlier, I can be pursuaded....
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