[Ifeffit] Plotting problem

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Wed May 23 11:09:14 CDT 2007

Hi Clement,

I completely agree with "use a real graphics program for high-quality
graphics" -- I do!   But to follow up on Adam's email, it is possible
(if not necessarily easy) to change the plot titles and labels in both
athena and artemis:

Open the Ifeffit buffer (Menu bar->Edit->Display Ifeffit buffer or
Ctrl-1 in both programs), and type into the Ifeffit> prompt:

    plot( title = 'my plot title')
    plot( xlabel = 'label for x')
    plot( ylabel = 'label for y')

But I believe you would have to do this each time a plot was made...
if you're looking for a coupls quick-and-dirty plots, maybe that is
good enough.

Personally, I can seee the appeal of having this (and line colors and
styles, perhaps) being available from a GUI panel.    But I can also
see that it's not the highest priority.


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