[Ifeffit] How to select important MS paths in wurtzite?

Mauro Rovezzi rovezzi at esrf.fr
Tue May 15 09:47:23 CDT 2007

Dear all,

Do you know if in literature there are studies on the important multiple
scattering (MS) paths in fitting wurtzite XAFS spectra? I mean which are
the important paths to properly fit a wurtzite structure up to 6 A in a
elegant way (<20 paths)?

I'm asking this question thinking at old works by Filipponi et al. on
the fcc and bcc structures explaining very well the importance of some
specific triangular and collinear paths to fit the EXAFS spectrum...

Well, this was my coffee-break question :)


Mauro Rovezzi <rovezzi at esrf.fr>
PhD student - GILDA BM08 c/o ESRF (Grenoble, FR)

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