[Ifeffit] Path Parameter Names

Bruce Ravel bravel at anl.gov
Wed Mar 14 15:48:34 CDT 2007

On Tuesday 13 March 2007 23:54, David Weedon wrote:
> Can anybody tell me where I can get a complete list of path
> parameter names for Artemis and how to use them?

Hi David,

I think I may not understand quite what your question is....

All the path parameters are listed on the path page in Artemis (that
is, the thing that gets displayed when you click on a path in the Data
and Paths list).  They are the things like "deltaR" and "sigma^2" and
they map directly onto terms in the EXAFS equation.

Does that answer your question?

P.S. For the sake of full disclosure: there are four more path
parameters which are not listed on the path page, are obscure and are
not often used.  "dphase" is useful to people analyzing DAFS data and
the three array valued path parameters definately fall in the catagory
of "intended for experts".

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