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Jensen, Mark P. mjensen at anl.gov
Thu Mar 8 09:40:07 CST 2007


Ifeffit-1.2.9 DOES work on Vista, with a little fix. What does not seem
to work is the hand off between the program runner.exe and the
applications (at least the applications I checked, which were Athena,
Artemis, and Hephaestus).

First I'll give the fix, then I'll give details that might help Matt and
Bruce understand what's going on.

1. Install Ifeffit-1.2.9 to its default location (C:\Program
Files\Ifeffit). Doing this as an administrator or using the XP
Compatitibility mode is NOT necessary and does not help the situation.

2. Copy the folder "Share" from the Ifeffit directory to the Ifeffit/bin
directory. You will now have 2 copies of the Share folder, one in its
original location and one in the bin subdirectory. (I'm not sure if the
original directory is still needed, but better safer than sorry - what's
an extra 5 MB).

3. Open a command prompt window and change to the Ifeffit\bin directory.
(Again, doing this as an administrator or in XP compatibility mode does
not seem to help.)

4. Execute the use_ifeffit.bat file to set things up.

5. Start the program you want by typing its name. Athena appeared to
load an old set of data, manipulate it, and save a revised project just
fine. The PG-Plot window also opened and appeared to work normally.
Hephaestus appeared to work fine (even for neptunium). Athena started

To help figure out what the problem is....

If one tries to start one of the applications by clicking on its icon in
the normal way, runner.exe starts up and goes off to check for new
versions. In the task bar, both the runner icon and the icon for the
chosen program are visible, and the runner.exe text window opens up.
But, before one can read anything the runner text window closes, and
both programs terminate.

Next I open a command line window and tried this again step-by-step. A
copy of what happened is attached as the text file Ifeffit_Errors.txt

In summary, runner.exe started fine and did its update check, but then
it generated "OSError: [Errno 22] Invalid argument" and quit.

At that point, if I simply typed in the command for a Ravelware
executable, I get another error indicating that the application can't
find the file

C:\Program Files\Ifeffit\bin\share\perl\Xray\space_groups.db.

If I now copy the whole share directory into the bin directory, the
program can find what it needs and starts normally.

I found the same behavior using the command line in Windows XP. If I try
to start a program by typing in the name, I get exactly the same error,
and copying the share directory into the bin directory solves the
problem. Of course, the normal method of clicking on the icon works
under Windows XP, though.

I hope this gives direction to those of you who understand what
runner.exe is supposed to be doing and why the Ravelware programs can
find the share directory when the runner to application hand-off works
but not when one tries to start the application manually (in either XP
or Vista).

I'll be happy to help test any changes the the Windows pacakges that you
might want/have time to make.


Mark P. Jensen
Chemistry Division
Argonne National Laboratory
9700 South Cass Avenue
Argonne, Illinois  60439-4831
630-252-7501 FAX
mjensen at anl.gov

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I've heard two other reports that Ifeffit "does not work" with Windows
Vista, but haven't had a detailed enough report to know where the
problem lies.    I don't have a Vista machine readily available.
Any volunteers to look into this?

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