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Beware Vista. I have been informed that a major problem is that Vista  
requires drivers that are very specific to it. There can be 2 problems  
- the (new) machine you have (presuming it comes with Vista) may have  
on-board hardware that ONLY Vista drivers can recognize in which case  
(a) the software (ifeffit) will probably not be able to call them and  
(b) a back step to an XP op system will create a situation in which  
your XP software will not recognize the on-board hardware so that you  
cannot operate at all (this means a step back is no solution) OR (2)  
if you put Vista onto an older machine, the on-board components for  
graphics etc may not be recognized by the new Vista drivers. One then  
will descend into the driver Black Hole from which recovery may be  
very time consuming!! (stick with XP). I am told that Vista drivers  
are spotty. I have not ventured into Vista-land so my comments are  
hearsay and recent experiences of my gung-ho colleagues makes me  
reluctant to do so!! If people have solid solutions to these problems,  
it would be nice to hear about them.

Quoting Bruce Ravel <bravel at anl.gov>:

> On Monday 05 March 2007 12:28, Francesc Sepulcre wrote:
>> Dear Bruce,
>> Is just to know if is possible to install ifeffit (Artemis, Athena,...) on
>> Windows Vista. If yes, please, let me know how to do this, because I’m
>> trying to install version 1.2.9 but doesn’t works.
>> Please, excuse me if this is not the correct way to ask about this problem.
> Hi Francesc,
> I am forwarding my response to the Ifeffit mailing list (which is the
> best forum for questions of this sort.)  To join, go to:
>    http://cars9.uchicago.edu/mailman/listinfo/ifeffit/
> I am not in a position to comment.  I don't have a Vista machine of my
> own.  Nor does Matt, as far as I know.  So we certainly have not yet
> tested the software on Vista.
> Is anyone on the list using Vista yet?  Any hints for Francesc about
> getting the installer to work?
> Francesc, perhaps if you could give us some more information about how
> it fails -- screenshots, transcriptions of error messages, something
> that gives a clue as to what the problem is -- someone may be able to
> make a useful suggestion.
> B
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