[Ifeffit] Multiple k-weight fitting

David C. Schmitter dschmitt at unlserve.unl.edu
Mon Jan 22 11:50:58 CST 2007

Hi everyone.  I am currently trying to reduce the correlations between N and sigma squared.  I have been told that multiple k-weight fitting is the way to go about this; but I am curious what the best method is to try and do this using Artemis.   Is it simply a matter of clicking the other weighting options available?  If so, what should I be looking for to determine whether my parameters are correct or not? 

I am not sure if this is a redundant question in terms of the mailing list; but I am a relatively new user and cannot remember seeing anything about it yet.


Dave Schmitter

David C. Schmitter
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience
University of Nebraska Lincoln
dschmitt at unlserve.unl.edu
(402) 472-5094
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