[Ifeffit] Projekt with the "flatten-problem"

Barton, David (DG) DGBarton at dow.com
Thu Jan 11 10:48:38 CST 2007


It appears to me that the E-shift is causing the problems with the step in the pre-edge data. Shelly's data only appears to remove the step because the pre-edge and the extrapolated post-edge plots are nearly parallel. If you adjust the Normalization range in Shelly's data you will see the step appear again.

However, if you set the E-shift to zero and reset Eo, pre-edge range, and normalization range (to your liking) you will see that the step is goes away.  So the work around would be to subtract the E-shift from your Raw data, then import into Athena and do not use any E-shift.

Bruce or Matt may have to comment, but it appears to me that the normalization/flatten routine may not be dealing with the E-shift appropriately.


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>Hi Jens,
>I believe the problem is related to the structure in the data 
>before E0.
>If you choose e0 to be at the beginning of the structure then 
>the normalization is handled better by Athena.  Take a look at 
>the attached project file.  The first data set with e0 on the 
>edge as you would choose for EXAFS analysis (e1) shows the 
>error that Jens reported.  The second data set with a lower 
>value for e0 at the beginning of the structure (e2) gets the job done.
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>> Hi,
>> find attached an example with the "flatten-problem".
>> thanks a lot,
>> jens
>> "Hi,
>> I have a normalization problem with Athena. If I turn on the 
>> option in the background removal section, Athena creates in some of
>> normalized spectra a step in the pre-edge range.  How can I  get rid
>> it?
>> Thanks,
>> jens"

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