[Ifeffit] Re: ZnO Artemis demo - problem with "dr" parameter

Scott Calvin SCalvin at slc.edu
Thu Jan 11 09:51:59 CST 2007

Hi Craig,

The correct version of the example has now been uploaded to the Ifeffit Wiki:


--Scott Calvin
Sarah Lawrence College

At 11:09 AM 1/9/2007, Scott Calvin wrote:
>Hi Craig,
>I'm cc'ing this to the Ifeffit mailing list, as others may encounter 
>similar problems.
>It's not your novice-ness that's causing the problem; it's a version 
>issue. I wrote the ZnO example when an older version of the software 
>was current. Since then, "dr" became a reserved variable, and can't 
>be user defined. (Bruce could probably give the reason for that 
>change.) I fixed that, but it looks like the older version of the 
>tutorial is being included with the current distributions of Ifeffit 
>and friends. We'll fix that. In the meanwhile, though, you can just 
>change the variable names by hand to "delr" or something like that 
>(you have to change them in both the GDS screen and the path 
>screens, or course). Sorry about that.

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