[Ifeffit] Re: ZnO Artemis demo - problem with "dr" parameter

Scott Calvin SCalvin at slc.edu
Tue Jan 9 10:09:37 CST 2007

Hi Craig,

I'm cc'ing this to the Ifeffit mailing list, as others may encounter 
similar problems.

It's not your novice-ness that's causing the problem; it's a version 
issue. I wrote the ZnO example when an older version of the software 
was current. Since then, "dr" became a reserved variable, and can't 
be user defined. (Bruce could probably give the reason for that 
change.) I fixed that, but it looks like the older version of the 
tutorial is being included with the current distributions of Ifeffit 
and friends. We'll fix that. In the meanwhile, though, you can just 
change the variable names by hand to "delr" or something like that 
(you have to change them in both the GDS screen and the path screens, 
or course). Sorry about that.

Incidentally, there's a related bug in Artemis itself. If you have it 
automatically come up with variables for you on a new fit, it will 
name one "dr", and then can't do the fit! :(

--Scott Calvin
Sarah Lawrence College

At 01:24 AM 1/9/2007, Craig Klauber wrote:
>Dear Scott,
>             Sorry to bug you on what may be a very trivial issue - but if
>its a quick fix a bit of guidance would be very much appreciated.
>     I've been working through your ZnO demo tutorial on Artemis and
>everything worked well until I received the following warning message from
>Artemis after trying to Fit at the beginning of part 2. The Fit then aborts.
>"This parameter uses a name which has special meaning in Ifeffit:
>     dr
>You must change this parameter name before attempting to fit.
>One common example of this sort is a variable named "dr1", which
>should be changed to something like "dr_1" or "drone"."
>The warning message doesn't make a great deal of sense as "dr" is a defined
>parameter within Artemis.
>Running ifeffit-1.2.9-mac10.4_horae64pre_pkg on a Mac PPC G5 Dual 2GHz under
>OS X 10.4.8. Presumably I'm doing something dumb (very much the novice EXAFS
>is not my area). Have checked a number of the Ifeffit Archives, but so far
>have not spotted a reference to this.
>Kind Regards
>Craig Klauber
>Craig Klauber
>CSIRO Minerals
>PO Box 90
>Bentley WA 6982
>Ph:  +61 8 9334 8060
>Fax: +61 8 9334 8001
>craig.klauber at csiro.au
>CSIROTEL: 99 8060

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