[Ifeffit] E0 for bulk crystals and nanoparticles

Leandro Araujo leandrolangie at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 21:52:10 CST 2007

Anatoly and Scott,

thanks for the quick and valuable answers!
Sorry I didn't specify the system in more detail; this is a point that
Matt always stresses when replying messages in this list (i.e., there
is no "one fits all" answer, so a detailed description of the system
is needed) and by now I should have assimilated it already...

Anyway, I see no changes whatsoever in the XANES spectra of the T-dep
measurements, so I think it will be worth the try. Since I'm dealing
with Ge NCs buried about 1micron deep into a SiO2 matrix, I reckon
effects like hydrogen chemisorption, charge exchange with support,
ligand desorption and oxidation will not take place, specially at such
low T's.

Thanks once more for the help,

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