[Ifeffit] E0 for bulk crystals and nanoparticles

Scott Calvin SCalvin at slc.edu
Sun Feb 25 21:10:55 CST 2007

Hi Leandro,

I would not expect E0 to vary with temperature between 10 K and 300K. 
Just to be sure nothing untoward happened, I would recommend taking a 
spectrum at 300 K at the end of the series as well as at the 
beginning. That's generally a good policy with a series like that 
just to make sure the sample didn't suffer an irreversible change 
from oxidation, condensation, beam damage, or whatever.

--Scott Calvin
Sarah Lawrence College

At 09:44 PM 2/25/2007, you wrote:

>But coming back to the original question, would you say that 
>analyzing a temperature-dependent set of the very same NC-containing 
>sample (eight measurements between 10K and 300K) to get an E0 value 
>would be a sound approach? Or should we expect E0 to vary with the 
>temperature as well?

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