[Ifeffit] Ubuntu binary package problem

Bruce Ravel bravel at anl.gov
Sat Feb 24 18:16:44 CST 2007

On Saturday 24 February 2007 16:45, M. Rovezzi wrote:
> It seems related to memory allocation and I have to say that I'm having
> these problems only on low memory machines (192 Mb of RAM). Anyway I don't
> understand why Ifeffit is killing itself and how to obtain more information
> on what is happening with the libraries... well, I wait for your
> interesting answers.


I suspect that Ifeffit's killing itself because it is written in
fortran 77 and does not have dynamic memory allocation.

The solution is pretty "hands-on".  On that machine, you'll need to
recompile Ifeffit from source after modifying source code to use less

Go to 'src/lib/consts.h' and change several parameters to smaller
values.  Some suggestions: 

   mdata = 8
   maxsca = 16384
   mconst = 16384
   maxarr = 4096
   mpaths = 512
   mfffil = 512

Making some of the more memory consuming constants smaller should get
things working on you low mem machine.  But be aware that you will run
into memory limitations very quickly in Athena and Artemis.  For
instance, with the parameters suggested above, Athena could run out of
memory with as few as 20 or 30 groups in the group list.


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