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Ruwan Wijesundera ruwan6scp at mbox.nc.kyushu-u.ac.jp
Thu Feb 15 01:31:39 CST 2007

Dear Bruce

We have used Athena and Artemis software to analyses the EXAFS. When we do 
the analysis, we used different S2o for each path for fitting of Cu2O data. 
I succeeded to obtain good fitting by this way. Documents related to percent 
EXAFS analysis have been mentioned S2o is one value for all paths. What I 
want to know is our fittings are correct or not. I am looking forward early 

About 10 years ago we had being using another program made by Tokyo 
University in Japan. In this program, the refined parameters also included 
S2oj and Nj to the each cells


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