[Ifeffit] Path updating in Artemis

Silvio Levy levy at msri.org
Mon Dec 31 11:30:11 CST 2007

Dear Bruce, in fact this is the very first shortcoming I notice in
Artemis.  It's a terrific piece of software.

And I'm writing to propose a workaround, which I hope would be quick
to implement (in any case easier than any heuristic that may
eventually solve the problem in Demeter).

Just as you can export and import artemis.variables file, allowing
batch control over the GDS list, I'd like to have the same for
parameter assignments.  See below for a suggested file format, taken
directly from the "Path parameter math expressions" screen.  The key
is that upon rereading, paths would be identified by their number --
their order in the file would be irrelevant.  Hence resyncing would
require only three quick steps: exporting the parameters to a file,
editing the "Path number" lines to coincide with the Interpretation
column, and reading the file back in again!

The export/import steps might appear under the Theory menu, like the
corresponding operation under the GDS menu.

What do you think?



[A missing line might leave the parameter value untouched, while a line
with nothing after the colon would unset the corresponding value.]

Path number: 1
Title: [C]         % whatever appears in the Data & Paths list
N: 1
SO2: amp
delE0: enot
delR: delr
sigma^2: ss

Path number: 2
Title: [S]

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