[Ifeffit] two issues with Athena on Windows and one with Artemis

Ravel, Bruce bravel at bnl.gov
Fri Dec 14 11:08:10 CST 2007


For the last few weeks, I have been doing experiments at beamlines
with Windows machines.  This has afforded me more time than normal
using my programs under Windows.  I am appreciating my linux machines
more than normal, but that is not the point of this email ;-)

I have found a few issues that I wanted to address even though no one
has yet mentioned them on this list.

 1. Combo-box menus:  In Athena, combo boxes are used for a variety of
    purposes.  For instance, in the alignment dialog, a combo box is
    used to select the data group for use as the alignment standard.
    It seems that selecting items from the drop-down list does not
    work as expected.  Clicking to post the drop down menu then
    clicking on your choice does not cause your choice to be inserted
    into the combo-box text area.

    The work-around that I have found is to first *right* click on
    your selection, then *left* click on it.  I cannot explain why
    this works and I wish the whole thing just worked correctly.  At
    least there is a work-around!  (Another work-around is to move
    the appropriate group to the top of the list, but I dislike the
    right-click/left-click solution less ;-/ .)

 2. Several people have mentioned privately that the most recent
    version of Athena seems very sluggish on Windows.  I agree and so,
    I think, does Matt.  We changed how the compiled parts get
    compiled for the most recent release and perhaps some bed seeting
    were used.  We'll look into for the next release.

    While doing some profiling on my new coding project, Demeter, I
    figured out a reasonably simple and very fruitful optimization for
    the interaction between my perl code and the Ifeffit library.  I
    will implement that for the next release of Athena.  Hopefully the
    next version will be snappier.  For now, I apologize that the
    performance of Athena is less than it should be.

 3. In Artemis, there are two or three menu items which involve
    importing something from a file.  One example is "Import variables
    from text file" under the GDS menu.  On Windows, this fails to
    post the file selection dialog and spews error messages to the
    console.  This bug will be fixed in the next release.  Sadly,
    there is no work-around that I know of.


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