[Ifeffit] iXAFS 2 beta 1 released

Hind Al-Abadleh halabadleh at wlu.ca
Fri Dec 7 05:42:46 CST 2007

Hi Jeff,

This is great news.  I downloaded the beta version, and got the error
message "Apple's X11 for Mac OSX is not installed...".  So, I downloaded
the latest update for X11 from Apple's website from this page:

And when I tried to install it, an alert message came "this system
doesn't need this update".  So, now I'm baffled, and truly don't know
where to go from here.  How would I check my system (OSX 10.4.11) for
the X11 already installed?

Any advice will be very much appreciated.

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>>> terryj at iit.edu 12/07/07 12:15 AM >>>
Hi All,

iXAFS version 2 for Mac OS X 10.4 and above has been released as a  
beta version. We have tested this version on ppc and intel macs  
running OS X 10.4 and 10.5.

You must have Apple's version of X11 installed in order to use iXAFS.

Ken McIvor put in yeoman's work to build the full ifeffit, horea suite  
as a universal binary. He packaged it as a single drag and drop  
installation within iXAFS.

Ken wanted to post this message but had an illness in the family.  
Hopefully, we can all thank Ken for his work to get this built in a  
manner that should work on all modern Macs.

A link to download this version of iXAFS can be found at the MRCAT  


We forgot to put in the documentation that the iXAFS shell allows you  
to run any of the programs from the command line ifeffit, feff6, etc.


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