[Ifeffit] Ifeffit Ok on BlueWhite64, ...

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Fri Aug 24 17:22:01 CDT 2007

Hi Chachi,

Please try the _rc2.tar.gz --  one serious problem was found that you
haven't gotten to yet!
You won't need to reinstall PGPLOT, just ifeffit.

I think you may need to do a couple things:

1. I've noticed some failures during Perl/Tk  'make test' procedure.
You may need
    to override the "normal" CPAN installation, by going to the CPAN
build directory and installing
    by hand (assuming root):
       cd /root/.cpan/build/Tk-804.027/
       perl Makefile.PL
       make install

 2. You may get stuck during the horae build with a complaint about
      Doing this seems to fix the problem:
         cd horae-0.65
         perl Makefile.PL
         make        (proceeds, but eventually fails)
         rm -f 0CPAN/Chemistry-Elements-1.01/pm_to_blib
         make install

Hope that helps,


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