[Ifeffit] Ifeffit and gfortran (was: iffefit compile on BlueWhite64)

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Fri Aug 24 16:28:09 CDT 2007

HI Folks,

There have been a couple bug reports for the
ifeffit-1.2.10_rc1.tar.gz, both for using the new PGPLOT_install
script and using gfortran.

For Unix-like users, I now have and am using a svn source code
repository for ifeffit.  To get the latest development version of the
code, use:
   svn checkout http://cars9.uchicago.edu/svn/ifeffit/trunk ifeffit_src

and then you can build from that source tree   The current version
(svn Revision 12)  is also available as

If you're interested in committing to this tree, let me know.


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