[Ifeffit] New version does not run under Win2000?

Joji Kuniya thinkpadt60 at silk.ocn.ne.jp
Wed Aug 15 14:58:05 CDT 2007

Hi Bruce

      Good morning. I tried to install your new version of Ifeffit on to my 
Win2000 PC, because

      I am using Win2000 at my office. But, I can not install it. Does the 
new version run only under Win XP?

      And, I have file opening problem just as the Dr. Wang experienced. So, 
I using old version (1.2.9).

      I can read file name before loading on Athena program under new 
version running.

      It is useful for data managing. So, I hope for clean up this problem.

      Thank you.

Joji Kuniya
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