[Ifeffit] Iron(III) carboxylate structures

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Maybe these refs will help.

Rich Mayes

New trends in the chemistry of iron(III) citrate complexes: correlations
between X-ray structures and solution species probed by electrospray mass
spectrometry and kinetics of iron uptake from citrate by iron chelators.  
  Gautier-Luneau, Isabelle; Merle, Claire; Phanon, Delphine; Lebrun,
Colette; Biaso, Frederic; Serratrice, Guy; Pierre, Jean-Louis.   
Chemistry--A European Journal  (2005),  11(7),  2207-2219.

Synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic property of a binuclear
iron(III) citrate complex.     Hao, Xiang; Wei, Yongge; Zhang, Shiwei.   
Transition Metal Chemistry (Dordrecht, Netherlands)  (2001),  26(4-5), 

Salicylaldoxime (H2salox) in iron(III) carboxylate chemistry: Synthesis,
X-ray crystal structure, spectroscopic characterization and magnetic
behavior of trinuclear oxo-centered complexes.     Raptopoulou, Catherine
P.; Sanakis, Yiannis; Boudalis, Athanassios K.; Psycharis, Vassilis. 
Polyhedron  (2005),  24(5),  711-721.

> Hi all,
> Anyone out there have a structure (or a reference to a structure) for
> a carboylate salt of iron(III), e.g. iron(III) acetate or iron(III)
> citrate? The closest I've found is a really short Nature article from
> 1965, but I'd like something more quantitative. I'm particularly
> interested in the Fe-Fe coordination and distance.
> --Scott Calvin
> Sarah Lawrence College
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> messages from home I am actually engaged in something shady and is
> blocking me. This is the last day I know I'll be at SLC for a while,
> so I'm likely to have a hard time responding via the list until this
> gets straightened out. It's just the Ifeffit list, though--I can
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