[Ifeffit] Iron(III) carboxylate structures

Scott Calvin SCalvin at slc.edu
Wed Aug 1 12:46:34 CDT 2007

Hi all,

Anyone out there have a structure (or a reference to a structure) for 
a carboylate salt of iron(III), e.g. iron(III) acetate or iron(III) 
citrate? The closest I've found is a really short Nature article from 
1965, but I'd like something more quantitative. I'm particularly 
interested in the Fe-Fe coordination and distance.

--Scott Calvin
Sarah Lawrence College

P.S. The mailing list's spam filter has decided that when I send 
messages from home I am actually engaged in something shady and is 
blocking me. This is the last day I know I'll be at SLC for a while, 
so I'm likely to have a hard time responding via the list until this 
gets straightened out. It's just the Ifeffit list, though--I can 
still send to people inside the ANL firewall with no problems.

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