[Ifeffit] multiple k-weights refinments

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Fri Apr 13 14:35:27 CDT 2007

Hi Marie,

On 4/13/07, marie-helene.tuilier at uha.fr <marie-helene.tuilier at uha.fr> wrote:
> I try  multiple k-weights refinments with ARTEMIS of Al K EXAFS of ternary
> aluminium and titanium nitrides films.
> This system is rather disordered and textured with large grain boundaries
> that contribute to EXAFS. Consequently only few parameters can be varied
> simultaneously.
> I think  that the k**3 weighting plays the major role in the multiple
> k-weights calculation.
> There is no great dfference between the results of k**3 weight and multiple
> k-weights fits.

Hmm, there should be some difference, though it's certainly possible
that the differences would be small.    I would expect N, Al, and Ti
scatterers to have different importance in k^1, k^2, and k^3

To say much more would depend on the details of your data --
especially the k and R ranges used in the fit.  Perhaps posting a
project file would clarify the issues?


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