[Ifeffit] setting root for artemis and athena

Anatoly Frenkel frenkel at bnl.gov
Tue Apr 10 21:42:11 CDT 2007


In Artemis,

Go to Edit Preferences --> general--> remember_cwd and check "Value
remember_cwd" (default is unchecked).

In Athena go to Settings (top right) and then the same.

Please let us know how the piano lessons are progressing,


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  This may be really simple but I haven't managed to work out how to do it
or find it in the instructions.

  Is there a way to tell Artemis or Athena where to start when you go to
open or save a file? If I were to add up the time I spend clicking up
through the directories then I suspect I would discover that it would be
sufficient for me to learn to play the piano or similar. Maybe.

  Cheers, Katy

  katy.evans at anu.edu.au
  RSES, ANU, Mills Rd, ACT 0200
  Ph: 02 61254228 Fx: 02 61258253

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