[Ifeffit] k-weight in Artemis

Juan Antonio Maciá Agulló Juan.Macia at ua.es
Tue Sep 26 14:52:47 CDT 2006

Hi all,

I read in Artemis manual that a good fit must be consistent for different
k-weights. When two fits (one with k1 and other with k3) are consistent? I
mean, which is maximum allowed difference, 1%, 5%...between these two fits?

I have done different fits changing fit k-weights and k-weights in the plotting
options. Usually, for k-weights = 1 or 2, I have obtained very strange spectra
(why?) and then I have decided to change only k-weight in the plotting options
to 3. After that, spectra looked more like before. I am not sure if this
gimmick is correct. I mean, can I use different k-weights for fit and for
plotting? I have obtained "consistent" fits with fit k-weights of 1 and 3, and
both plotted in k-weight 3, that's ok?

Sometimes when I have changed fit k-weight from 3 to 1, I have observed that
two high correlations (between ss and S02, and delR and delE0) have dissapeared
(<0.85). What does it mean? Parameters obtained with fit k-weight = 1 are more

And another question, I have seen an option to fit background in Artemis, is it
obligatory to fit the background to publish EXAFS fits?

Best regards,

Thanks a lot
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