[Ifeffit] Artemis error message and paths

Paul Fons paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Mon Sep 18 20:48:30 CDT 2006

Hi Stefano (Bruce/Matt),

   Looking over your comments, I must admit I am a little confused as  
to what could be causing the problem.  If you can invoke aquaterm  
complete with functioning graphics, the only difference that I can  
guess could exist is a difference in shell paths.  The runprog  
program with its attendant shell variable changes seems to work  
fine.  The AppleScript program is pretty minimalist, so the only  
viable explanation I can think of is somehow the shell environment  
getting corrupted.  As the AppleScript that invokes artemis works  
fine here (and apparently elsewhere as well), a possible cause is the  
difference in startup initialization at the shell script level.
   Bruce, Matt, what do you think about this?  If a shell is started  
by AppleScript, it would be a non-interactive shell, whereas if it is  
started manually via X11 and the default shell is bash, the startup  
initialization file ~/.bashrc would be read in.  If it were invoked  
via the AppleScript program, it would not.  Sounds like something is  
screwy with the PATH environment variable.  Of course, this implies  
that it is something unique to Stefano's system and not general  
(never mind the fact that the user can switch shells -- I am using  
bash on one system and tcsh on another!).  If a path was set  
incorrectly (e.g. affecting a perl library or otherwise), could this  
cause the symptoms that Stefano is seeing? I might add that I notice  
the default path for feff6 is "feff6" so this would seem to  
implicitly assume that feff6 is on the users path (and it obviously  
isn't in this case, although it is for me).   One fix would be to  
hardwire all of the paths needed into the runprog shells script by  
appending to the PATH variable (e.g. the location of artemis is  
wired).   Any suggestions?

p.s. I noticed there is a dump paths option in the help menu (which  
is broken in that at least on my system apparently tries to dump to  
root and fails).  I hacked the artemis.dump path to dump to /tmp/ 
artemis.dump and it worked, however, there is no information on the  
feff executable variable.
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