[Ifeffit] Installing Tk/Horae on Fedora Core 5

Carlo Segre segre at iit.edu
Mon Sep 11 17:45:21 CDT 2006

On Mon, 11 Sep 2006, Bruce Ravel wrote:

> by the build system itself.  That's just me being lazy, but what's strange is
> that no one has run into this before (and, I suppose, explained it to me in a
> way that I understood).
> Here is my suggestion.
>  1.  cd down into 0CPAN/Chemistry-Elements-1.01/ in the source code tarball.
>  2.  do the "perl Makefile.PL; make; make install" incantation for
>      Chemistry::Elements
>  3.  cd back up to the main directory and try building all of horae again
>      with Chemistry::Elements installed
> The errors you saw testing perl/Tk are, I think, a red herring and have
> nothing to do with the main problem seen in the horae_update_error.png
> screenshot.  And I don't think there are any more of these bootstrap surprises
> waiting for you, but I'm sure you'll let me know if there are ;-)
> Let me know if that works.  If so, I can fix the build scripts to solve that
> bootstrap problem.

I can confirm that Chemistry::Elements is required for building horae.  I 
had to use it for the Debian pacakge.


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