[Ifeffit] Installing Tk/Horae on Fedora Core 5

Bhoopesh Mishra bhoopeshm at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 17:18:44 CDT 2006

Dear All,
    I am in the process of installing Ifeffit 1.2.9 with latest Horae
package (-062) on my a new machine on which I have put Fedora core 5.

  I followed the instructions for installing the entire package, and had
partial success in it. Ifeffit and PGPLOT seem to be working fine. I believe
Tk-804.027 is also working fine, I just ran "widget" and it works. However
when I tried to ./horae_update, I got error message and it aborted without
compilation. To look into the problem, I manually downloaded a previous
version of horae (horae-061) from another computer on which everything is
working fine (Tk-800.024 with horae-061 on a Fedora Core 2).

 In the manual installation of horae_061, perl Makefile.PL works fine. But
"make" does not complete. It terminates with the same error message as the
one with which ./horae_update terminated. (attached as a screenshot)

 I have attached the screenshots of the error message for horae_update.  I
have also attached screenshots of "make install" and "make test" for
Tk-804-027 just in case you would like to see that.

Since Ifeffit and PGPLOT are working, I am inclined to believe that it has
something to do with Fedora Core 5 and its compatibility with Tk-804.027 and
horae-062. Funny part is that I tried to downgrade the Tk to Tk-800.024, but
it failed to install, which indicates some issues of Tk with FC 5. I also
tried the combination of Tk-804.027 with horae-060.

Has anyone gone through this combination of installing Tk-804.027 with
horae-062 on a Fedora Core 5? Any insight would be extremely helpful. Thanks
a lot in advance.

Please let me know what more information would you need if the given
information is insufficient.

PS: I have been successfully using all these programs on FC 2 and FC 3  for
last few years but some very generous people always helped me with the
installation and am now trying to be independent.

Thanks again,
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