[Ifeffit] Artemis error message

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Mon Sep 11 10:41:03 CDT 2006


Feff6 is an executable. When it runs it needs a file named feff.inp
to be in the current working directory, otherwise it will say:
   Feff 6L.02
   Fatal Error: cannot open file "feff.inp" in module rdinp

which is exactly what you got when you typed 'feff6' in a directory
without a feff.inp file. That doesn't tell us a lot, but it does mean
that this version of feff6 is at least not corrupted, so the Installer
is probably fine.

The first error message from Artemis that you sent:
    "The error is probably due to having Artemis configured...."

and gave an "Uh-Oh" in the Echo Buffer is definitely what Artemis
says when it cannot find feff6.  You said  you got this when the
feff_executable was set to 'feff6'.  Did you try setting feff_executable
to '/Applications/Ifeffit/bin/feff6'?    Note that spelling counts.   You
could open a Terminal, type 'which feff6' and paste that into the
feff_executable field.

Note to Bruce: How about having a "browse" button for selecting
the feff_executable?

> I interpret this message with the conclusion that I can just type 'feff6' in
> the Artemis preferences, as the command is actually seen and of course it is
> missing the feff.inp file if I run the command from the terminal.

Well, it *should* work that way, but using /Applications/Ifeffit/bin/feff6
will definitely work.  It does work for several of us.

Hope that helps,


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