[Ifeffit] Demeter: my new software project

Bruce Ravel bravel at anl.gov
Mon Sep 11 09:18:14 CDT 2006

On Saturday 09 September 2006 11:02, Mauro Rovezzi wrote:
> I really like your new project! I think it's a great idea because
> Athena&Artemis are good softwares but clicking on them all the day it's
> quite boring.

Exactly.  To my mind, the biggest problem is that it is difficult,
time consuming, and error prone to encode a complex fitting model
using Artemis' GUI.  I forsee that one of my common uses of Demeter
will be to encode a complex fitting model in a one-off script and have
that script write out an Artemis project file.  Then I'll get the good
parts of the GUI while using something automated to deal with the
tedious parts.

> On the other hand, I find the Ifeffit wrapper too
> low-level.

In fairness, Ifeffit is great at doing its low-level thing.  It's just
that low-level tools tend not to scale up gracefully.

> Well, Demeter seems to me the best solution as a middle-level
> interface to Ifeffit, that permits to fork to user-oriented projects
> written in Perl. I also appreciate the choice to move this project to a
> version control system (Subversion), that is the future possibility for
> users to directly contribute to the code.

Thanks for all the kind words, Mauro.  I am excited that you get the
point of middleware and that you get the point of using Subversion.
Even if you use and don't contribute, Subversion lets you always use
up-to-the-minute code.


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