[Ifeffit] Compiling horae/iffefit on Mac OS 10.4.7 Intel

Paul Fons paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Sat Sep 2 00:24:27 CDT 2006

   Hi I have been the one who made the binary installers for the  
power pc version of horae.  I have yet to build the intel version as  
I don't have access at work to an intel based mac (I did try a little  
on my wife's new imac, but ran into the same problem you did).  I  
will be getting a new Mac Pro machine shortly and would like to give  
it a try there.  The problem with gcc3 and ggc4 is something I am  
aware about too.  One thing I had started to try using was g95 and/or  
gfortran, the gcc 4 fortran compilers (g95 standard fortran).  The  
automatic build sequence is broken for these, hence on the powerpc, I  
took the easy way out and compiled the binary installer with gcc3  
(which I also have). I also hope to buy another compiler for the new  
mac as well (perhaps Intel?).  I would be interested in helping and  
would be most grateful to be kept up to date as making a binary  
installer would help out a lot of other users as well.

					Paul Fons

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