[Ifeffit] Problems with fitting in ATHENA for XANES

Pushan Shah pshah at gse.mq.edu.au
Thu May 4 23:39:53 CDT 2006

Hello Everyone! 

I am the new user of XAFS method. Recently I obtained some data with
XANES method.

I have just started using ATHENA for my data analysis. I am using
"Using ATHENA" document to learn the software.

I have two  questions

1.For XANES, Which method is better for knowing unknown data with known
standards: Peak fitting analysis or Linear combination analysis.
I would like to get some comments from your experiences so far which
works better if tried both for same type of data.

2. In the peak fit analysis, in literature related to my work it was
mentioned that peak  modelled by 50%-50% combination of Gaussian and
Lorentzian functions works better. Is it possible to do in ATHENA.?

Hope to recieve some useful reply. 


Pushan Shah
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Graduate School of The Environment
Macquarie University
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