[Ifeffit] Re: problems with artemis help

Bruce Ravel bravel at anl.gov
Thu May 4 09:53:37 CDT 2006

On Thursday 04 May 2006 09:32, M Ceolin wrote:
> Hi Bruce.
>   I am a user of the ifeffit. I use the programs running under Windows 2000
> and I experienced problems trying to use any of the help buttons associated
> to artemis. The echo I received was
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------
>   Tk::Error: image "fileopen16" doesn´t exist at /PerlApp/Tk.pm line 228.
>  Tk callback for image8
>  [\&main::__ANON__]
>  (menu invoke)
>         main::__ANON__(´Tk::Error: image "fileopen16" doesn´t exist at
> /PerlApp /Tk.pm l...´) called at blib\lib\Tk.pm (autosplit into
> blib\lib\auto\Tk\Error.al ) line 402
>         Tk::Error(´MainWindow=HASH(0x21471c30)´, ´image "fileopen16"
> doesn\´t ex ist at /PerlApp/Tk.pm line 228.^J´, ´Tk callback for image8´,
> ´[\&main::__ANON__ ]´, ´(menu invoke)´) called at /PerlApp/Tk.pm line 340
>         eval {...} called at /PerlApp/Tk.pm line 340
>         Tk::MainLoop() called at artemis line 2107
>   ------------------------------------------------------------
>   Is it possible to fix the problem ?.

Hi Marcelo,

I am aware of this problem and intend to fix it in the next release.  This:
and the pages it links to are generated from the help pages built into the 
program, and so have the same content.  Here is the same content as an ugly, 
all-in-one PDF file:

Unfortunately, the way I currently build executables for windows to make it 
easy to install and update on windows also precludes simple, user-servicable 
fixes for problems like this one.  That means that when a problem like this 
crops up, everyone ha to wait for me to find the time to make a new release.  
Hopefully, the next one will be in the next couple of weeks.


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