[Ifeffit] bromate XAFS example

Michel Schlegel michel.schlegel at cea.fr
Thu Jun 15 07:40:44 CDT 2006


Katy Evans wrote:
> Does anyone know of a paper that shows  what aqueous bromate XAFS looks 
> like?  Solid would also be useful, though less so.

for XANES:
Matsuo S., Nashimuthu P., Lindle D. W., Wakita H., and Perera R. C. C. 
(2003) Electronic structures of crystalline and aqueous solutions of 
LiBr, NaBr, KBr, and KBrO3: in situ Br L-edge near-edge X-ray absorption 
fine structure. J. Phys. Chem. B 107, 12562-12565.

Best regards - Michel

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