[Ifeffit] Re: I should be able to find this somewhere...

Matthew MAMarcus at lbl.gov
Tue Jan 17 12:14:22 CST 2006

I tried that.  The fit I'm thinking of is pretty good.  Subtraction by eye
disagrees grossly
with what I see.  I suspect it's another one of those Windows-and-Linux
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> HI Matthew,
> It may help to diagnose the possible problem (either with Artemis or
> perhaps with the fit?)  if you plot the residuals while plotting the
> Real or Imaginary part of chi(R) instead of the Magnitude of chi(R).
> That is, with the Real or Imaginary parts, the residual should be more
> easily interpretable, as it really will be Data-Fit.    FWIW, in
> principle the magnitude of the residual could be larger than the data
> if the best fit is very far out of phase with the data.  That would
> give a terrible fit, of course.
> --Matt
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