[Ifeffit] [HOWTO] Ifeffit f1f2() function

M. Rovezzi rovezzi at esrf.fr
Mon Jan 9 13:54:32 CST 2006

Quoting Bruce Ravel <bravel at anl.gov>:
> That's what hephaestus does if you do not specify some other width.  It
> doesn't seem to be documented correctly in the ifeffit reference manual,
> but
> if the width argument to f1f2() is given as a negative number smaller
> than
> -0.1, the tabulated natual width is used.  That is, 
>    f1f2(energy=my.energy, z=29, width=-1)
> will give you f1 and f2 over some energy range for copper using the
> natural
> line width.

Great! It's a very useful hint, Bruce. In fact, it sounded strange to me it
wasn't already implemented this behaviour in Ifeffit. It would be useful to
add it to the next release of Ifeffit reference manual.


Mauro Rovezzi <mauro.rovezzi at esrf.fr>
PhD Student - GILDA BM08 at ESRF (Grenoble, FR)

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