[Ifeffit] new versions for the new year!

Stefano Ciurli stefano.ciurli at unibo.it
Sat Jan 7 14:37:31 CST 2006


>I have to say that I am losing patience with trying to maintain this
>particular piece of code.  It isn't anything more clever than a
>wrapper which downloads, unpacks, and builds the tarball.  In truth,
>it isn't all that hard for the user to just download, unpack, and
>build.  It is, however, proving hard for me to stay on top of a moving
>  --- Unless someone can give me a very compelling reason that horae_update
>  --- is *necessary*, I am inclined to discontinue supporting it.

personally, I think that if the instructions to download-unpack-build 
the tarball are clear enough (as they are now), the horae_update is 
simply a luxury that could be avoided, especially if it creates more 
trouble to you than necessary.


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