[Ifeffit] new versions for the new year!

Stefano Ciurli stefano.ciurli at unibo.it
Sat Jan 7 04:26:10 CST 2006

Hi Paul and Bruce,

>   I rebuilt the mac installer (for 10.4) with the latest horae-059 
>and uploaded it to sourceforge.  I believe I fixed all of the 
>problems with the installation process now (but I could use a guinea 
>pig to try it out to be sure).

I acted as the guinea pig (even though I really don't like that 
definition... :-)) and I appily report that the installer works. No 
bad surprises like the one before, and that is good news (even 
though, learning from experience, I had made a back up of the Ifeffit 
and Perl folders...)

Running the horae_update script after I installed the program using 
the installer provided by Paul, I get the following message, which I 
interpret as an error:

  = Horae Updater (using LWP::UserAgent) version 0.11
  = Timeout = 30 seconds
  = Attempting to fetch a release listing from
  =    http://sourceforge.net/export/rss2_projfiles.php?group_id=80919
XMLin() requires either XML::SAX or XML::Parser at 
/Applications/Ifeffit/bin/horae_update line 193


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