[Ifeffit] dk setting in Athena

Geoff Eldridge eldridge at utk.edu
Mon Apr 24 10:29:11 CDT 2006

Hello everyone,

I've just started doing EXAFS in my research and I have found all your 
posts to be very helpful.

My question is about the dk setting in Athena.  I know from earlier 
reading that dk affects where the window for the FT is set in k-space 
(i.e. a dk setting of one moves the window out further than the k-min 
and k-max settings).  I believe the purpose of this is to prevent 
cutting the tops of peaks out of the FT window.  If this is the case, 
would a dk setting of 0 then be appropriate provided no parts of peaks 
are clipped as shown in a k-space plot with the window shown?



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