[Ifeffit] Re: my problem

Paul Fons paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Sat Apr 8 16:43:40 CDT 2006

Whoops, I may have forgotten to rename the disk image.  It is just a  
cosmetic problem.  At the moment there is one problem that needs to  
be addressed in the mac version, namely that the saving of graphics  
files is broken.  I did recompile pgplot using the script included  
with the source, but something must be broken.  I would love to  
switch to gcc4 so that I could just steal the fink maintained  
libpgplot and as a bonus this already incorporates aquaterm.   
Unfortunately, the fink version is compiled with gcc4 and ifeffit is  
compiled under gcc3 and the two don't mix.  It would be sort of neat  
to move ifeffit to gcc4 to make it easier to link in with gcc4  
libraries.  The currently used g77 is (as far as I now) a "legacy  
compiler" that will never make the jump to gcc4.  Right now the g95  
compiler (www.g95.org) compiles pretty much everything I have thrown  
at it without errors and would seem to be a good choice as well.  I  
think I can hack and half manually do the switch with a fair amount  
of effort, but I would hate to have to do this every time a new  
version of artemis came out.  In any case, when I get a little more  
time, I will try and fix the missing graphics file write problem in  
the current libpgplot.  It would be neat to even include aquaterm in  
doing so.


On Apr 8, 2006, at 4:10 PM, Matt Newville wrote:

> Hi Stefano,
> On 4/8/06, Stefano Ciurli <stefano.ciurli at unibo.it> wrote:
>> OK. Now the latest horae061 package works. Artemis works. The only
>> "strange" thing is that when I expand the 061 disk image, I get 060
>> as the label. Maybe it is meaningless, but anyway.
> Glad to hear it finally worked!!  My guess is that a leftover Receipt
> was preventing the installation of some of the components.  Does that
> seem right to you?  If not, can you give us an idea of what might have
> been the problem before (for example, was there stale stuff left under
> /usr/local/)?
> I will add the notes I sent you (also below) to the Mac section of  
> the Wiki:
>     http://cars9.uchicago.edu/iffwiki/IfeffitOnMacintosh
> If you (or Paul, or anyone else) find errors in this, or would like to
> add information to the wiki, please do!!
> --Matt
> PS: for the record, a more complete transaction of off-line email:
>>> I'd recommend deleting (or moving to somewhere else) all of
>>> /Applications/Ifeffit and
>>> /Library/Perl  (not /System/Library/Perl!!  and note that this is
>>> assuming that you are using perl only for horae -- more  
>>> below).    You
>>> should also delete/move the 'Ifeffit installation receipts': In
>>> /Library/Receipts/Ifeffit-*.
>>> Then look in /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/lib  (which depending on
>>> your system may have many things or very few things in them) for
>>> anything with the name "pgplot" -- delete/move these.
>>> Then install Ifeffit using the Installer.
>> OK. Now the latest horae061 package works. Artemis works. ....
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