[Ifeffit] New release (061) of my codes -- Macintosh 10.4 binary installer

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Fri Apr 7 15:01:35 CDT 2006


You don't need a a file named libpglot.a.  The application ifeffit
statically includes the pgplot library.   If you were to build a new
Ifeffit application (including building the base perl module, which
horae's build does), it would look in the file
/Applications/Ifeffit/share/ifeffit/config/Config.mak and see that it
should build with 'libpgplot_iff.a' in the directory
'/Applications/Ifeffit/pgplot'.   And it should work.

The result you sent from otool definitely makes it look like your
installation is broken.  It also seems to use Aquaterm, which is
strange.  Paul, is there any chance that Aquaterm is looking for a
dynamic pgplot library?

Stefano, you did delete all the Ifeffit installation receipts in
'/Library/Receipts'  and installed the binary package, right?

> > Can anyone else confirm / deny if the installer works on OS X 10.4?
> maybe I am the only one using it? :-)

I sort of doubt that, but it would be more convenient if we didn't
have to support it.


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