[Ifeffit] New release (061) of my codes -- Macintosh 10.4 binary installer

Stefano Ciurli stefano.ciurli at unibo.it
Fri Apr 7 02:13:44 CDT 2006

Hi Paul,

>I have updated the binary installer for Mac OS 10.4 to include the 
>latest horae (061).  There should hopefully be no problems.  To 
>simplify some problems that have occurred in the past, the installer 
>now refuses to work if the /usr/X11R6 folder is not present (e.g. if 
>X11 is not installed).  If there are any problems, please let me 

I installed the package from ifeffit-1.2.8-Mac10.4_horae61_pkg.dmg. I 
get Artemis to exit (crashing) when I run a fit from the examples 
folder (copper). Also, if I run the ifeffit command from any unix 
shell window I get the following message:

stefano% ifeffit
dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/lib/libpgplot.dylib
   Referenced from: /Applications/Ifeffit/bin/ifeffit
   Reason: image not found
Trace/BPT trap

Any clues? The  ifeffit-1.2.8-Mac10.4_pkg.dmg installer causes the 
same identical problem.
PS: my OSX is 10.4.6, but also 10.4.5 did not work

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