[Ifeffit] Ifeffit 1.2.8 installer for WinXP

Gerrit Schmithals schmithals at hmi.de
Mon Sep 19 09:13:04 CDT 2005


I had the same problem but the solution was much simpler. There are two
links on the page
The Sourceforge-link:
results in a file of only about 25MB and the second link:
results in a valid file.


Leandro Langie Araujo schrieb:

> Bruce Ravel wrote:
>> Leandro,
>> I have downloaded and installed the current installer on 2 windows
>> machines -- one XP, the other 2K.  I had not trouble.  But I have one
>> idea for you to look into.
>> The installer package is 27,281,991 bytes.  Is the file you
>> downloaded  exactly the same size?  If not, are you behind some kind
>> of firewall?  Or required to use a proxy server?  Is it possible that
>> the proxy or firewall is altering the installer as it passes
>> through?  If, in fact, the file size is not identical, you might
>> consider bringing this up with your system administrators.
> Bruce,
> first of all, thanks for the quick and enlightening reply. As a matter
> of fact, the installer files that I had downloaded from both
> sourceforge and cars.uchicago.edu were smaller than 27,281,991 bytes,
> so this was the reason why I got that error message.
> Now, the reason why the files were downloaded smaller than the actual
> size seems a bit strange. Although my computer is behind the
> Australian National University firewall, I never had this kind of
> problem before, so I thought it shouldn't be the case now. The problem
> seems to be the fact that I have Mozilla Firefox as my default web
> browser, and was using it to download the files. For some weird
> reason, Firefox seems to be getting these files smaller than they
> should be.
> So, I've installed a download manager (getright) and tried again...
> and it worked perfectly. I got the .exe  file from cars.uchicago.edu
> with the exact size, installed the whole package and am already using
> the newest version of Ifeffit-Artemis-Athena.
> Thanks for the help once again. I hope at least this post may be
> useful to someone who may experience a similar situation.
> Cheers,
> Leandro
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