[Ifeffit] Ifeffit 1.2.8 installer for WinXP

Leandro Langie Araujo leandrolangie at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 22:36:12 CDT 2005

Bruce Ravel wrote:

>I have downloaded and installed the current installer on 2 windows machines -- 
>one XP, the other 2K.  I had not trouble.  But I have one idea for you to 
>look into.
>The installer package is 27,281,991 bytes.  Is the file you downloaded  
>exactly the same size?  If not, are you behind some kind of firewall?  Or 
>required to use a proxy server?  Is it possible that the proxy or firewall is 
>altering the installer as it passes through?  If, in fact, the file size is 
>not identical, you might consider bringing this up with your system 

first of all, thanks for the quick and enlightening reply. As a matter 
of fact, the installer files that I had downloaded from both sourceforge 
and cars.uchicago.edu were smaller than 27,281,991 bytes, so this was 
the reason why I got that error message.

Now, the reason why the files were downloaded smaller than the actual 
size seems a bit strange. Although my computer is behind the Australian 
National University firewall, I never had this kind of problem before, 
so I thought it shouldn't be the case now. The problem seems to be the 
fact that I have Mozilla Firefox as my default web browser, and was 
using it to download the files. For some weird reason, Firefox seems to 
be getting these files smaller than they should be.
So, I've installed a download manager (getright) and tried again... and 
it worked perfectly. I got the .exe  file from cars.uchicago.edu with 
the exact size, installed the whole package and am already using the 
newest version of Ifeffit-Artemis-Athena.

Thanks for the help once again. I hope at least this post may be useful 
to someone who may experience a similar situation.

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